Monday, January 10, 2011

The value of water color paintings

How can the most affordable medium be the most difficult to master and sell? 

Watercolor vs Acrylic
Unlike Acrylic, watercolor is unpredictable, unforgivable and unappreciated and is therefore not for the faint hearted artist.

Mother Nature
Acrylic on canvas 2007

Watercolor is character building
  • To create desired results I have to plan ahead and think about the consequences of choosing colors and composition. It is much easier with Acrylic to correct mistakes than with water color.
  • There is no easy way out. Practice, practice, practice is the only watercolor way.
  • This is the only medium that teaches the painter to let go of the need of excessive control. Only when self control is learned is the artist able to enjoy and appreciate the unexpected effects of watercolor. I noticed that when I became better in water color I also became a better person. 

Cozy Winter Day
Watercolor 2011

Transparent watercolors vs opaque watercolors (Gouache)
Many critics or water color competition jurors prefer that artists should only use one or the other. Yet they have no objection of using any other product with transparent water colors such as, salt, alcohol or other products to create special effects. Personally I like to experiment and will use whatever will enhance my painting including Gouache.

Love on the Rocks
Transparent watercolor 2010 (without use of Gouache)

Elephants crossing
Transparent Watercolor 2010 (with use of Gouache)

The value of watercolor paintings
Acrylic artists ask more for their paintings because of the more expansive materials. They also can get more money because of the perceived higher value by critics and art collectors. However, the amount of work hours and effort is the same or more. Unfortunately, the painting is not as durable as acrylic and the effort is not paying enough. These are all factors why watercolor doesn't have the same acknowledgment as acrylic or oil paintings (yet). The artists, however, values the many possibilities and growth opportunities as an artist and person. When I look at a master piece of a water color artist I cannot help but feel respect and admiration, knowing what it takes to create a beautiful water color painting. I not only value the art piece of the painter but also the watercolor artists as a person. A successful watercolor artist has transcended the realm of material, talents and skills. Water color animal paintings have spiritual value.
Putting a price tag on inner peace, inspiration and belief is therefore a daunting task for every water color artist.

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ftr8er said...

Those are really beautiful paintings. I look forward to seeing more of your work!