Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Siamese cat painting

Siamese cat
When I accepted a commission to paint Siro a Siamese cat, the blue eyes and his elegance stunned me.

 Siamese cat 2011
Acrylic 16x20 on canvas

Some people find Siamese cats creepy with their intense blue eyes and their long body. To me a Siamese is a mysterious, athletic and exotic creature.

These cats came from Siam (which is now Thailand) and, according to legends, were considered sacred guardians of Buddhist temples.  
It was therefore important to me to express this sense of royalty in my painting through color.
Full body exposure would take away the mystery so I cloaked him in a royal colored blanket instead…

The long athletic body distinguishes them from other cats. Therefore, I didn’t cover up the legs completely.

I only used colors and shapes around the cat that would draw attention to those hypnotic eyes.

Artistic expression

After posting my painting on my website my aunt said that I have intensified the frightening emotions she feels towards a Siamese cat. Little did she know that she had just given me the biggest compliment. The most important goal in my paintings is to capture and show the essence and nature of the animal.  Every day I feel honored to learn more about different animal natures. Sharing this experience with others is my main goal with my art.

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