Monday, December 5, 2011

The Dying Swan

I can still see this mourning male swan, sitting on the bank of the pond, motionless, waiting for the time to be reunited with his loved one...

For years, I was able to enjoy watching a beautiful swan couple in the park. The male protected his family fiercely against nosy humans like me. After the female swan died, his behavior changed dramatically. He didn't want to eat my bread crumbs, or chase me but just sat there.

According to the park ranger, the swan was dying from a broken heart. He tried to feed the swan and even put him in a pond with other swans but he was unable to save him. A couple of weeks later the male swan passed away... 

The love of this swan for his mate inspired me to make my version of "The Dying Swan" and I called it "Unseen". The hidden animals in the painting represent his pain and sadness which went unseen by the humans who were walking their dogs or reading a book on a bench.

This painting was displayed in a New York gallery in 2009 and only prints and greeting cards are available.

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Thanks so much!


Shelley Whiting said...

This painting is very enchanting and dreamlike. Lovely artwork.

Ariannah said...

Thanks so much Shelley!