Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bird paintings and nature: Red Tailed Hawk

Remember this sketch I made of a raptor last year in September?

The gorgeous majestic bird of prey that was the reason for selling our beloved chickens?

My suspicion that this was a Cooper's hawk on January 14 2012?

Today, January 17 2012, I am updating and correcting this information (in Italics).

I wasn't absolutely sure so I also sent the pictures to:

Amber Edwards 

Volunteer Coordinator-Raptor Rehabilitation Project

College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri

Education Coordinator-Prairie Fork

She solved the mystery and identified the hawk as a Red Tailed Hawk. Thanks so much Amber! 

Apologies to my readers.

Yesterday, my husband spotted this Hawk in the tree in our backyard. I felt very special in the presence of this beautiful skilled hunter, who didn't seem to mind us taking his picture. However, he soon spotted something far more interesting and off he went...gracefully gliding through the air. The first time I saw him scooping up a squirrel, surprising both the squirrel and me, I had a mixed feeling of awe and horror. But this time I was allowed to just take in its beauty and appreciate nature at is best...

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